Mini-Split Installation In Sparta, TN

Mini-Split Installation In Sparta, Cookeville, Spencer, TN and Surrounding Areas

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Keeping everyone pleased with the current room temperature can be challenging, but there are workarounds. Mini-split installation is the ideal answer which can cool down a building without the intricate, substantial ductwork needed for a central air system. Individual units far quieter than typical air conditioners are installed in the home during a mini-split installation. Contact us today for the best Mini-Split Installation In Sparta, Cookeville, Spencer, TN, and Surrounding Areas.

Mini Split Air Conditioning Service

Factors that affect ductless mini-split installation costs

  • Number of BTUs: BTUs refer to British thermal units. They calculate how much heat is required to raise an ounce of water by one degree. In other words, the bigger the area, the more BTUs you’ll need to reduce the temperature. An expert HVAC installer can tell you the number of BTUs that will be sufficient for your space.
  • Number of zones: Mini split air conditioning unit consists of an outside and an indoor unit. The dimensions of your space or the number of rooms you want to cool will dictate the number of zones you’ll need to install.
  • Efficiency: The more efficient an AC is, the higher it will cost. Efficiency is typically measured in SEER. If you’re in a hot climate, you’ll need a higher SEER to reduce energy bills.
  • Location of installation: There are various ways to set up a ductless mini-split air conditioner. The installation method will depend on the type or brand you pick. Therefore, the installation cost can vary based on the complexity or location of the mini-split installation.

Wall-mounted units are on the lower end, costing between $400-$1,000. Floor-mounted units range between $1,300 to $4,000. Ceiling-mounted units are priced between $700 to $2,000, and ceiling cassette costs vary between $500-$2,000.

Benefits of mini-split installation

Mini-splits or ductless air systems have gained popularity over the past few years for many reasons. They’re typically more efficient than central air units, are less expensive, operate more quietly, and provide greater control and flexibility. Ductless systems run 20% to 60% more efficiently than conventional HVAC units. Ductless systems are the quietest of all HVAC systems (32 decibels).

Bottom line

The certified HVAC installers at Mark’s Heating & Air Conditioning can assess your home’s heating and cooling needs and determine the perfect mini-split. Contact us to fix an appointment today.

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