After more than a decade of working in the HVAC industry and seeing the poor standard practices of some other heating and cooling companies, Mark Dickerson decided to do things differently. In 2012, he founded Mark’s Heating and Air, working evenings and weekends. By 2016, he took his company full time and is continuing to grow each year. He attributes this growth to the dedication of his employees of making sure each job is completed accurately and that the customer is fully satisfied. Mark has multiple crews working under his banner and they follow his lead of integrity.


Mark’s Heating and Air is located at 250 N Spring Street, but serves all the surrounding counties and occasionally beyond, such as Lebanon or Nashville. Give them a call today at (931) 510-6684!

Services include sales, service, and repair, including warranty work even if the original unit was not purchased from us. We stock Goodman, but can work on any make and model. We do both residential and commercial projects, new installations, change-outs, general repair work, and UV Light Treatments.


Mark is also very much concerned with people’s health and he offers many services to help keep every member of your family healthier, such as UV Light Treatments. “UV light kills mold, mildew, and many other harmful things,” he explained. It is especially good for people who have respiratory problems, allergies, and other issues, as it creates a cleaner environment and a healthier lifestyle for the whole family. “The quality of the air in your home is critical to your family’s overall health,” he added. In addition to UV Light Treatments, Mark’s Heating and Air also installs humidifiers and dehumidifiers in people’s homes and offices because that can also make people feel better.

No. We have never charged extra fees for this. When asked why he does not charge for late hours or weekend visits, Mark explained that when he first started and was only doing HVAC work part-time, in the evenings and on the weekends, he did not feel it was right to charge his customers extra since those were the only hours when he was available at the beginning. “Customers are in a difficult enough position if their air conditioning goes out on a Saturday morning in the middle of the summer without them having to worry about paying extra fees simply because it is the weekend,” Mark says. “The same goes if their heat stops in the winter. The lack of adequate heating or cooling can be a debilitating health risk and it can be critical to be able to reach a professional repair company during these times.” When Mark took his business full-time, he decided to keep the policy of no extra costs for after-hours calls.

Yes, Mark’s Heating and Air is happy to work with your contractor and install new heating and cooling units during the construction phase of your home. This is an excellent time for new installation of heating and cooling systems.

If you have received a quote from another company but are concerned about the cost or even the necessity of the work, Mark’s Heating and Air offers a Free Second Opinion. Much like a medical second opinion, a highly-skilled technician will double-check the issue you are having at no cost and let you know his or her expert opinion. For instance, a customer may have been told that they need a new unit and it will cost them about $4,000 when in fact, a much simpler and less costly repair is all that may be needed. This was the main reason Mark Dickerson decided to open his own business many years ago. “Prior to starting my own business, I saw so many customers treated unfairly and I just did not want to be a part of that,” Mark explained. “For example, many HVAC companies try to sell customers things that they just do not need, like a new and costly unit, when a simple and inexpensive fix is all that was needed.” Mark is glad to have his team check the same issues for anyone at no cost and no obligation; his technician will let the customer know if the original diagnosis and estimate is along industry standards or not and if they actually need the repairs or replacements as originally suggested. It is a service to help people not be taken advantage of.