AC Service In Sparta, TN

AC Service In Sparta, Cookeville, Spencer, TN and Surrounding Areas

Facts About AC Services in Tennessee

HVAC systems like air conditioners, furnaces, and heat pumps are essential to your home. They control temperatures and humidity while maintaining your comfort. However, these systems typically require periodic AC services to ensure they run efficiently and help to avoid costly breakdowns. Contact us today for AC Service In Sparta, Cookeville, Spencer, TN and Surrounding Areas.

AC Service In Sparta, Cookeville, Spencer, TN and Surrounding Areas

Checklist for AC service

  • Replace or clean the filter regularly. It could be part of your annual maintenance or something you take care of every month as part of user maintenance.
  • Adjust the thermostat to make sure it’s working correctly. A malfunctioning thermostat can affect the efficiency of your system.
  • Verify and tighten electrical connections. A secure electrical connector is essential for safety and efficiency.
  • Check the key components to ensure they operate at the correct voltage and amperage. Unsuitable voltage or amperage could quickly damage vital parts of your AC.
  • Examine all components for signs of wear, damage, or corrosion. Rusted or worn-out parts tend to result in cracks and waste energy.
  • Lubricate moving parts to reduce friction after examining the parts for wear. The moving parts running smoothly will save you energy in the long run.
  • Verify and correct the levels of refrigerant to ensure optimal performance.

When should the AC be maintained?

Experts recommend getting AC service every year. It is recommended to have a tune-up in the spring before the AC needs to operate at its peak. Similar to how cars require regular maintenance to work efficiently and avoid breakdowns, your home’s AC system also requires attention.

Companies often give discounts to motivate homeowners to have their annual tune-up work before the busy season gets underway. When that time comes, most companies are stretched thin due to the high demand.

Using these offers is beneficial since you’ll save money on your examination and ensure that your AC system is inspected before the summer months. Doing so will also help you save on your energy costs.

Bottom line

Find out more about the maintenance of your air conditioner or schedule an appointment with Mark’s Heating & Air Conditioning. Our staff performs general repairs on any brand and model of heating and air conditioning systems. In addition to providing warranty services for the products we sell, we also offer warranty services on an original product not purchased from us. Call us to schedule an appointment today.

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